Our ministry

GlobalRize proclaims the Gospel through the internet all over the world. Every month tens of millions of people get a message from the Bible through one of GlobalRize’s channels. Millions of them live in countries where the Gospel cannot be freely preached. Our goal is always to connect people to a local church. Our motto: from Facebook to church.

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How does it work?


People struggling with life issues, are looking for answers. We provide them with those answers.


Every student of one of our courses is assigned a personal mentor to guide them through the course.


In 15 lessons students learn how God worked in history, from creation to Pentecost. People from over 130 different countries enrolled in the course.


Smartphone app for keep track of your prayers and share them to pray with others.

Prayer App

This accessable app helps people to save, keep track of, and share their prayers.


Every day each word from Biblword’s posts inspires me to live closer to Jesus and our heavenly Father.
Jhon Bulaong, Philippines
Truly inspiring! It sends a message to people who really need it!
Esther Akello, Uganda
For a while I sought a guide for my spiritual life, and I found this page. I believe God answered my prayers.
Hilya Weyulu, Namibia
I am not a Christian yet. But now I’d like to become a Christian. I believe in Jesus as my Savior.
Danilo, Philippines
This course helped me to honestly discuss everything with the mentor, and to see where I stand before God.
Adwita, India