Ahmed lives in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. He is muslim, but he is interested in how other people are searching for God. He searched on Facebook for posts about Jesus. One of the things he found, was an advertisement that lead him to a bible verse on the Biblebani page. This particular bible verse moved him to comment and this brought him into contact with one of our team members. Ahmed is not wholly against Christianity and is willing to learn about it. Some muslims are fixed on the conviction that truth is only to be found in the Koran. Ahmed is not one of these muslims and he was open to take a free online bible course. Our Bengali bible course brought him into contact with his e-coach. Ahmed has questions that are only natural to someone with his background. After the chapter about the sacrifice of Isaac, he asks why this chapter isn’t about Ishmael. Although this isn’t literally in the koran, in Islam it is believed that Ishmael is the son of Abraham who was sacrificed. He asks what the purpose is, of all the violence against the Palestines. He struggles to understand why Jesus had to die for the sins of other people. All justified questions, answered suitably by his e-coach.

After finishing the course, Ahmed lets his e-coach know that he is looking for a church. He is also willing to think about getting baptised. He says it needs time, however. We provide him with suggestions for a next step. He can follow another bible course, and after he finishes it, a bible will be sent to him. Local Christians are willing to visit him and involve him in their Christian community.

This is one of the many stories of people who hear about the Gospel through the work of GlobalRize, and who are offered a place to grow in faith, hope and love.