“From Facebook to church” is our motto at GlobalRize. Our 15 seperate language teams are dedicated to putting this into practise. But why Facebook? And how do they do this?

A good example is our French language team. This team started in august 2017 in Côte d’Ivoire and is formed by six young students, supervised by lector and pastor Roger Ndri. The team focuses on young French speakers. And with reason: over 67% of internet users in French speaking Africa is under 35 years old. The Paroles de la Bible Facebook page introduces these people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On this page, people can ask questions to the six bible school students. The students encourage the Facebook users to follow the online bible course, where they take care of the e-coaching themselves. Two of the students choose to only manage the Facebook page at first, but seeing the beautiful relationships that arose between the e-coaches and their bible course students, they soon changed their minds. Now the entire language team volunteers as e-coach. The students that form the language team have a healthy challenge in answering all the questions their students fire at them. In the last couple of months 1930 people registered for the online bible course!

The feedback we get on the course is immensely encouraging:

“I discovered biblical truth that strengthened my faith: Every time I finished a lesson, I could hardly wait for the next chapter. The course has deepened my faith and it has helped me to meditate God’s word.” Djessana

“After finishing the course I was even more convinced that faith without growth is like a straw fire. After this course I would like to do another course.” John Malick

“This course has profoundly changed my personal relationship with the Lord.” Esther Sawadogo

“I have always had a positive attitude towards Christianity, but after this course I am excited.” Apôtre Wocko Idriss

Testimonies like these deeply motivate the language team students to proceed with their important work. The online bible course is done by people from every age and from every social background. The Holy Spirit truly breaks through all boundaries. “A Toi la gloire!”