GlobalRize reaches 25.000th student online bible course

This week the 25.000th e-student registered on an online bible course offered by GlobalRize. The number of registers on our bible courses increases rapidly. Lately over 2.000 students a month register for the first time. Every one of these students is assigned a personal e-coach who checks the submitted answers and is available for questions and open conversation. Just over half of the students is doing the English bible course. Other languages include Spanish, French and Dutch.

Around 300 of the participants of the English courses live in the Arabic speaking world. However, research showed that these are mostly expats. And yet we find that there is a great need for explanation and clarification of the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst muslims. Of our Bengali bible course, for example, 80% of participants is muslim.

For this reason, GlobalRize has started offering their first Arabic bible course. In the course, the Gospel is explained, using clips of the film “The life of Jesus”. This film is available in 18 different Arabic dialects. Every clip of the film is followed by a number of questions. We expect our team to be in contact about the Gospel with thousands of muslims, within a year.

This high increase asks for more volunteers who want to be in our chat team or to become e-coach.

Check all of our vacancies here.