Over 3,7 million people follow Biblword, the English Facebookpage of  missionairy organisation GlobalRize. The posts with bible verses raise questions. Those questions are asked on the chat. A chat team answers these questions personally. The high increase of these questions added to the personal approach characteristic to GobalRize makes that we can hardly keep up.

Launched in early 2018 the chat service started with around 80 conversations a day. Now this number has increased to over 300 new conversations a day. The chat is used by people from over 60 countries. The topics vary from specific bible verses, to the bible in general, to questions about life. Sometimes people struggle with very dramatic or disruptive events in their personal life and are looking for counseling.

“In less the a year, our chat team has expanded from 3 to 25 members. Yet we still struggle to keep up. We are all volunteers and have our other occupations and duties. Some of us chat just after putting their kids to bed, others are retired, unemployed, or still in school. Some of us have a disability that restrains them from working, others have made a deliberate choice to work less.” Comments Catharinus Doornbos, who coordinates the chat team.

To keep up with the growing number of chat requests, GlobalRize urgently needs extra chat team members.

You can find out more on this page.

“Not long ago, I received a message from a young woman with whom I have had chat conversations for a while now: “I was losing hope and I thought God didn’t want to have anything to do with me. Because of you, I now know that this is a lie. God loves me, I experience it every day.””