It is wonderful to see the rapid growth of our organisation, but it also presents us with challenges. With the huge increase of the reach of Biblword in the last couple of weeks, the number of our chat conversations increases accordingly. We consider this a great blessing, but our chat team struggles to handle all these conversations.

Cry for help on Facebook

Things were getting so bad that Catherinus, our chat team leader, had to decide to close the chat on sundays. He posted this with a cry for help on Facebook. We also decided to focus fully on new volunteers, instead of donations, in the upcoming events where we promote ourselves.

Our prayers answered

Now, a week after Opwekking, a major Christian event in the Netherlands, we are grateful to look back at some very special days. Since the beginning of this month, 180 new volunteers have applied. Among them chat team members, e-coaches and many more; all a great blessing and a new impulse for our international work.

New opportunities

In the upcoming days we are facing the new challenge of finding all these people a place in our organisation. This asks for wisdom, insight and the investment of time. God gave us more than we asked Him for. This makes us grateful en offers new opportunities for spreading the Gospel.