In May we were gratefulto be able to report about an impressive increase of reach. Because of this the daily increase of likes also grew rapidly. Today we have reached the milestone of 4 million likes.

+16.5K likes every week

This milestone is a good moment to look back. On the 24th of april 2018, we reached 3 million likes. That means it took 14 months to reach the next million. Breaking it down, this amounts to 71.500 new likes per month, or 16.500 per week.

What does this do for the Gospel?

Because we keep growing, we keep reaching more people with our posts and messages. This means each post on it’s own also reaches more and more people, and more and more people approach us on Facebook chat. All of this means that more people are reached with the Gospel.

Better reputation means more possibilities

A side effect of this success can be that Facebook evaluates our page higher, because it falls in a higher category. These things are not very transparent, but in the past we have seen huge increases of incoming chats after we reached specific numbers.

What’s next?

We hope the Biblword page may grow, to lead more people to Jesus. For our work to go on, we are dependent on prayers and financial support.