The Instagram page from Bibleword recently got an enormous boost with our new colleague Charlotte Visser. Read her testimony of how she was called by God and immediately (still in her pyjamas!) went searching for a church in her area. Plus a small peek at her plans for Instagram…

Charlotte’s Testimony

Hi there! 

I am Charlotte Visser, 24 years young and married 2 years with a fantastic son of God.

As a child I went to a Christian primary school where I got to know God as my protector. Sadly, that image changed due to a traumatic experience and I wandered into a lifestyle that was against God.

Years went by until I had a dream when I was 21. I awakened to the words,  “You are called by God.” As quickly as I could, I left the house and when I was in the bus, I Googled to find a church in the area. Still in my pyjamas, I ended up in an Evangelical church where I was warmly welcomed. They started with worship. Any idea how the service opened? “You called me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail” (Oceans, Hillsong).

Totally surprised to hear the song that had the text that I had woken up to, I burst into tears, lifted up my hands, and gave my life to God right there. At some point the sermon began, “Today we are beginning a 2 month series: “Being Called by God.” From that day I became a Christian and my life has completely changed.

Volunteer for GlobalRize

Now it is 3 years later and I have gone through a process of recovery from my old way of life and have found rest in writing and singing praise songs.

While I was at home going through the period of processing everything, I started looking into social media. I set up a beauty business via Instagram and learned the strengths and weaknesses of that platform. I became acquainted with Biblword – and thus, GlobalRize. I started with “Liking” and commenting in response to reactions on the posts. Quickly, I moved on to working in the chat groups.

I was very enthusiastic about the volunteer work that I had just started and decided to visit the office. I was very curious about who was behind this page!

Teamleader Instagram

I was heartily welcomed and started talking to the friendly office staff – I immediately felt a click with them. I thought, “I’d really like to come by here every day!” And what do you know, after a couple of serious talks, I unexpectedly became a member of the GlobalRize staff myself, that same day! Here I am, the new Teamleader for Instagram!

I am super excited to do wonderful things by means of this platform. We are already busy with working out new ideas.

So, recently the BIO has been changed and beginning May 2020 the feed of @insta_biblword will get a new look where the identity will, of course, stay the same; namely, online evangelism. In the upcoming season the page will make a start in IGTV – a tab in the Instagram app where you can post videos that are longer than one minute. For example, serious Bible meditations, short lessons, answers to questions about life, portions from the Jesus film, and creative ways to share the Gospel. Also there will be live streaming for prayer and worship. To sum it up: #Can’tWait #SuperExcited

Does the thought of it make you want to be a part of this page? Sign in via the button below and we will contact you to see how you could take part in this exciting new adventure!

Yes! I want to join the Instagram Adventure!