There are 225 million Protugese speakers worldwide, including 200 million Brazilians. It is the 6th largest language in the world. Thus, it important to reach that large number of people in this language. In 2012 GlobalRize started a Facebook page in Portugese (Palavra Bíblica), that now has 280,000 followers. But the Portugese team had to stop and posted their last message in 2015. The page had to be set on pause.  12,500 of the followers live in Rio de Janeiro, the city with tall skyscrapers and famous slums, wild Carnival celebrations and drug gangs. How many of the million residents know Jesus as their Savior?  It seemed a great chance had been lost.

But this was not the end. During this Corona time, a new Portugese teamleader came forth, Alfa Wijnveen. She was born in Angola and grew up in Portugal. ‘I started teaching languages and literature there. I took part in different local and national outreaches, mostly in the area of education for children and youth. I’m married to a Dutchman and now live in the Netherlands. I serve in the prayer group for missions in our local church.’

Alfa has translated the two courses ‘BibleBasics’ and ‘The Life of Jesus’ into Portugese. The first mentors for the courses have volunteered and are being trained. An article has been published in a church newsletter in a region where there are many Dutch emigrants. Our designers are working on the first hundred pictures with Bible texts to be placed on Facebook. The fifty most important blogs with questions and answers are being translated into Portugese. And this has all happened in a matter of weeks!

‘God’s work is not held back by lack of people or means’, we encourage the new Portugese team. We pray that many will be reached with the Gospel.

Do you speak Portugese and would you like to help?  There is a place for you on the team!

Contact Alfa Wijnveen

Or send an email to [email protected].