GlobalRize is now active in a new language area: Uzbekistan. The first students have started the BiblBasics Course! This primarily Muslim country is situated between Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.  The church is small:  just 0.1 percent of native Uzbeks are Christian.  A mentor who is active (through People International) sent us an email:

A Christian student wrote this.  It touched me.  It lets you see the isolation of the believers there:

“There aren’t any Christians near me.  But I continue to invite people.  Even if the whole world is against me, I know that I am walking on the right path.”

Because this Christian now has a mentor, his isolation (at least, in part) is broken.  At this moment, four Uzbeks have started the course.  We pray that many more will join them and that GlobalRize – from a distance- can join in building up the Uzbek church.


This same mentor shared a video of a number of Uzbek Christians sing the song, “The Blessing”:

“I would like to let you see a small bit of the beautiful church in Uzbekistan.  Still so small!  And so persecuted.  Yet these people are singing boldly to God’s glory.  In the titles it says, “The buildings where we gathered may be closed down, but the church lives!”

The song is sung in three languages:  first in Russian, then Uzbek, then Karakalpak.  Watch and enjoy!