Thousands of people across the world take our so-called BiblBasics-course, our course to introduce people to the Christian faith. What do they learn from it?

Manish from Nepal says: ‘Working through the course changed me a lot. After having started this course, my faith in God began to grow. I had been looking for a Bible course that I could do by myself and then suddenly I came upon this course. It took me by surprise. I feel like God wants me to follow his path.’

Enoch from Nigeria: ‘My view of the Christian faith after the completion of this course has actually changed for good. It has increased my faith in God. I am more determined to walk by faith, not by sight.’

Georgette from Sierra Leone: ‘This course served as a counseling session. There are things in my life that have hurt me so much, I couldn’t talk to people about these things. But with the mentor of this course, I was able to talk without being judged.’

Mohamed from Somalia, a Muslim country where only very few Christians live: ‘If I confess my sins to Christ, I will receive eternal life.’ And: ‘How can you help me to go to church?’

Jerriza from the Philippines: ‘My mentor is an excellent listener. I didn’t expect her to remember that I was looking for a church. She always includes Bible references when responding to my questions. It’s a good practice to include verses, so I am able to get familiar with them or memorize them. I learned a song from her and I’m glad to add it to my list.’