We heard a beautiful testimony through one of our chat personnel, Vanity, who found out how an online contact can set practical help in motion. A mother in Malawi whose husband had left her, asked for help.



‘I am Vanity and have been a part of the GlobalRize chat team for about a year. Every shift, it is a blessing to see that so many people are searching for (more from) God. I noticed this in particular when I came into contact with a single mother in Malawi, who had been abandoned by her husband. There she was, without any income and two young children. On top of that, she was pregnant with twins. She told me that it had been quite some time that she didn’t know from one day to the next how she would feed her children and now wondered how it would be after the twins arrived. She lived in a remote area with no family or other network that could help them. What I noticed was that she wasn’t asking for financial support, but she asked the question, “How can I grow in my faith in Jesus in difficult times?” She was physically hungry, but her main concern was for her spiritual hunger.’


Sleepless nights

‘After that I started having a period of sleepless nights. Not that I was worried, but I experienced a sort of adrenaline that I didn’t understand. The family was on my mind and in my prayers. After a few of these nights, I had the feeling that there was something that I needed to do. As an extra confirmation I received the verses Isaiah 58:6-7 about religion as God intended it to be.’


Rent deficit

‘After talking to the head of the chat team, I decided to look into where the family lived and that turned out to be Malawi. It just so happens that I know an Evangelical church in Ijsselstein that has ties to Malawi and special ministry going on there. They were able to get in touch with a pastor that they know there, to ask him to visit the family. He reported back that the family needed help urgently. It was clear to see that they had had to do without the basic essentials for quite some time. The house they rented was in a bad condition in an area that flooded regularly. On top of that, she had not been able to pay the rent for several months and had no income since she had no one to watch her children when she worked.’


Savings plan

‘The local church will see to it that a new, strong house is built where she won’t have to pay rent. They are also taking care of groceries. The local church really doesn’t have the means to take care of all this, so my church has decided to set up a savings plan that the congregation can contribute to in order to cover her needs for the next five years. The first payment has taken care of the rent that was owed and the necessary groceries.’


Crossing borders

‘It is a privilege to be able to take part in such a radical change for a family. It moves me every time I am confronted by her intense thankfulness during our chats. This was all possible because the work I do for GlobalRize has taught me to look across boundaries and see the possibilities that God creates. It is special to experience God’s leading so clearly, not only during the chat times, but in everything!