After a year of active growth, the work in the Romanian team came to somewhat of a stillstand. Eusebiu, the team leader, felt that he needed to stop his involvement in this work and this had repercussions for the team. He found a job, he is married and was given a ministry in the church. All good reasons to stop, but it underscores just how fragile the survival of our work can be. Arjen Vaders, our Languages Team leader, shared his concerns during our weekly prayer time. It “just so happened” that one of our co-workers knew a young Dutch-Romanian couple!

Daniel and Else Mic live literally just around the corner – one minute away from our office! Else lived part of her youth in Romania where her parents worked as missionaries. She got to know the Romanian Daniel and two years ago they were married.

More Openness

Else has noticed that “Romanians are more open to the Gospel than Dutch people. The people there often grow up with orthodox traditions. It is more about religion than a personal relationship with God. But thanks to the religious background, many already have a foundation of believing that God exists.” The Romanian Facebook page now has 30,000 followers. Daniel is active with posting photos with Bible texts on the page. Because of this platform, they get many questions that come in about faith. “Recently someone asked how it was that the devil survived Noah’s flood. We get the chance to tell a lot about the Bible when these sorts of questions come along.”

Expansion Needed

Else is busy translating articles about the Bible into Romanian. They hope to expand the work by being able to offer courses, as well. Of course, there are more people needed. Besides Else and Daniel, there is just one other person on the team. Expansion is needed!

Both Daniel and Else have the Romanian people on their hearts. During the last two years they have been praying about how they could serve God. Besides his work as an electrician, Daniel is busy with Biblical and theological studies. He and his wife are considering going back to Romania in the near future in order to share the Gospel there. For their roles as team leaders, it would also be easier if they lived there – even though it’s really nice to be just one minute away from the office…