Juan Edwardo Millan is one of our mentors in Venezuela. Although he can barely make ends meet, he sits down every day to lead others through their Bible courses.

It is a bitterly difficult situation in Venezuela. Around 4 million people have left the country since 2014, because of the complex political and socio-economic situation. Savings accounts are not worth anything anymore. People are searching for food, a roof over their head and medical help.

Before the break of dawn

Arjan Vaders, the head of our Spanish language team, tells, “Most of our Spanish speaking students for the free Bible Course come from Venezuela. That is why I am so happy with Juan Eduardo, who worked at first with our Spanish chat team. He was up before the break of dawn and sat in the farthest corner of his yard in order to use the neighbor’s WiFi for the internet connection with Palabras Bibkicas, our Spanish BiblWord page. Now he is a mentor for our Spanish courses. This dedicated brother told me, “I’m busy answering the questions of the students one or two hours each day. I don’t want to do that on automatic pilot, I really study for them, so that I can feed them with God’s Word.”

Broken Laptop

It’s not an easy time for Juan. After working 26 years as an electronics technician at the state-run electricity company, he was suddenly jobless. He takes every job he can find to have enough income. Sometimes there is no work available, then he takes the time to write up Bible Studies that he posts on Facebook! Other weeks, when he has found work, he has less time to spend on the questions from his students. So, lately he asked me to lower his amount of students from six to three. Recently his laptop broke and he didn’t have the money to pay for the WiFi either. This faithful mentor doesn’t want to ask for help, but he is very valuable to our Spanish team.”

Sponsor Juan

You can help by sponsoring Juan with a small amount, so that he has the time and the means to continue with his crucial ministry to his countrymen who are hungering for hope.