Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, a mission team in an Arabic speaking city decided to offer online courses. At one point a certain Kadin signed up for a course.

Kadin started the 12 lesson ‘Life of Jesus’ GlobalRize course that the missions team translated and adapted for the local context. He finished the course in just two weeks. Soon after that, he started the follow-up course about forgiveness that the team had developed themselves. His mentor is Hicham, member of the local church. By the time that Kadin started on the second course, the two men had gained enough trust to exchange telephone numbers and communicate using WhatsApp. One day Hicham told the team leader, ‘Kadin is showing so much interest, asking lots of good spiritual questions.’


A few days later, Hicham added, ‘You’ll never believe this… he’s an imam! He was confused by Islam’s contradictions, so he searched the internet for answers.’ That is how Kadin found the course about Jesus. Online evangelism is an easy way for Muslims to start their journey toward Jesus, as they can make the first steps anonymously. The mission team had decided to look for mature local Christians, like Hicham, for their course mentors so that they could guide seekers in a manner that fits the local situation.


After a while, Kadin told Hicham that not only was he an imam, but he was also employed by the government to train other local imams. Eventually, Kadin asked, ‘Can I meet with you? And where can I find a Bible?’ Hicham and another church member met with Kadin face-to-face. When they met, they handed him a Bible. ‘He received it with such great respect,’ Hicham told the team leader later, ‘kissing it and covering it with his hands as a treasured object.’

City park

A couple of weeks later, Kadin and Hicham met again in a city park. The mission team had prayed many times in that same park that God would reveal Himself to the influencers in the city. The team is encouraged to know that in that very place, God was working in this Muslim leader’s heart.

The team leader says, ‘I would love to walk in that park with Kadin myself, to have the joy of opening up Scripture with him. But as a foreigner, I understand that it is much more effective for local believers like Hicham to meet with him instead of me. Our team will keep on supporting local believers like Hicham and providing them with tools to help them reach out.’ After being in this city 5 years, the team has seen twenty people baptized and there are three strong local leaders.’