Thousands of people worldwide receive our ‘Daily Devotionals’. Nigel from Zimbabwe wrote to tell us how happy he is with the daily reflections and how they help him to live closer to God.

Nigel: ‘I don’t want to lie, before I came in contact with the people from BibleWord on Facebook [GlobalRize’s Facebook page, ed.], I was lost. I didn’t know how to put God first in my life. I felt the distance between God and myself and knew that I was moving away from Him. As an individual, you know how you did things before and you can judge whether you are changing for the better or for worse. I was not on the good path.


When I saw BibleWord on Facebook, I started chatting with one of your members and I told them that I needed prayer and what I wanted them to pray for. The knowledge and insight that the member shared with me, helped me a lot. I realized that God isn’t the one who creates a distance between Himself and an individual, instead it is we who make the choices of either to live close to God or to move further away from Him. Now I’m going to church and receiving the Daily Devotional scriptures from you guys. I can feel the difference. Thank you guys!’

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Image by Artsy Solomon from Pixabay