This last year we saw a sharp rise in the number of people who have begun an online Bible course: in 2019 we had about 33,000 students, in 2020 that was almost 63,000; a 90 percent growth.

We are thankful to see such an increase. Of course, it’s not all about numbers, but we are happy with every extra person who wants to go deeper into the Gospel. It seems that COVID-19 caused a boost in numbers as more people have been active online and searching for answers for the questions of life.

Teeviro from Guyana wrote us: ‘I started the course just when I really needed it. The words of the Lord God were encouraging; daily, I was reminded about His promises and who He really is to me.’

Growth in number of mentors

In order to lead these new students, of course, we needed more mentors. Right now, we have 225 mentors who are active, with a jump in growth compared to a year ago. About 180 of these mentors are based in the Netherlands, the rest come from other places. This means that all over the world, Christians from all sorts of nationalities are busy talking about their faith. How cool is that?!

Elsa, one of our mentors, wrote, ‘It’s so encouraging to see how God’s Spirit is working around the world. Another benefit from my contact with the students and their questions, has been that I’ve never dug so deeply into the Bible as now during my mentorship.’


We see that in many of the languages where we are active, a large part of the students have some knowledge of the Christian faith. Our great desire is to reach those who have never come into contact with the Christian faith. We would like to focus on them in 2021. In order to come to the attention of people in areas where the church barely has a presence, for example in North India, we are advertising on social media platforms where they are active. We pray to God for prepared hearts where the seed of His Gospel will bear fruit.