Nigeria in West Africa has 92 million Christians, who mainly live in the south. Not an unreached country, you would say. But more than 64 million Muslims live in the north, they hardly have access to the gospel. Less than 5% of this group is Christian.

Nigeria is really a country of extremes. Christians and Muslims are suffering from increasing violence from the terror group Boko Haram, militant Fulani herders and the West African IS sister organization ISWAP.

At the end of last year, GlobalRize focused on the north of Nigeria by inviting bible students online. From this area, GlobalRize received 319 Bible course enrollments in 16 days, 59 of whom were mentored upon completion of the first lesson.

Answer to prayer

People from the Christian area can also benefit from the course, as evidenced by the testimonies of three students from Nigeria.

‘I have never regretted taking the GlobalRize Bible course. It was an answer to prayer, ‘Debora (without ‘h’) from Nigeria tells her mentor. Debora notices that her companion lives close to God, and she appreciates her for that. Her nearly namesake Deborah (with ‘h’) writes to the Dutch volunteer who guided her through the Bible course: ‘I wanted to know more about God and He provided it on GlobalRize’s internet platform. God bless you.’

Personal assistance

‘I thought I would receive automatic answers from a robot if I submitted my questions and answers to the Bible course,’ writes Deborah. She was surprised by the personal guidance of her mentor, who she liked very much. ‘I’m thankful to God that I took the course and that someone guided me!’

Desperate looking

Debora wants to hold on to what she’s learned, and sees God using the Internet course to teach her and bringing regularity to bring her closer to Him no matter what. ‘The Bible course reminds me that Jesus died on the cross for us,’ she knows. ‘I am desperate for God and I call on Him in my prayers because I want to live closer to Him. I now know that God allows suffering, and that it will undoubtedly take place in the life of a Christian.’


Gift is also happy with GlobalRize’s Bible course, which she can recommend to her friends. ‘This Bible course was valuable to me, I learned a lot from it,’ she writes. ‘I have come to understand the value of God’s Word and my faith in Christ has grown.’ Gift often told lies to settle things until she learned that God sees it as sin. ‘I have been touched by the Holy Spirit and find myself now speaking the truth. As a result, my life has changed a lot in the past year.’

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