This year, GlobalRize is compiling a list of countries for the first time with nations that have not heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus. Where do these people live and how can they be reached with the gospel?

The Indian Rhitwik Choudhyry is of Hindu origin. One day he snoops around Facebook and comes across messages about the gospel of Jesus. He is touched by the good news and orders a cross and a Bible from Amazon. With the help of a mentor from GlobalRize, he immerses himself in the biblical message, comes to faith and is baptized. How grateful he is to now belong to Jesus!

“Our Savior wants more people to receive salvation,” says Rhitwik. He thinks that is wonderful. He is so full of the gospel that he cannot keep his mouth shut about it. “My new neighbors are Hindus and know that I am a Christian. One of them told me they want to participate in a celebration in the church. Nice, isn’t it? I never expected this gesture from them. Yes, it is all because of my Lord — these are Christ’s blessings! ”

3.2 billion people

Rhitwik’s neighbors hear the gospel from this enthusiastic Christian. However, many people have no Christian neighbors, relatives, or fellow villagers, and they live in lands where there is hardly any evangelization going on.

This year GlobalRize is compiling a list of countries for the first time with nations that have not or hardly heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus. The list is based on figures from The Joshua Project, which focuses on collecting and disseminating information about ethnic groups with the least access to the gospel.

No Choice

Together with 15 other mission organizations (including Wycliffe, Missie Nederland and Frontiers), GlobalRize is part of the platform No Choice, to draw attention to the least reached people in the world – people who have never heard the gospel in such a way that they had the opportunity to follow Jesus.

Worldwide, 3.2 billion people have not been reached with the gospel, 2.8 billion of whom are in the ranking of 21 countries published by GlobalRize. They each number at least 25 million people who live in populations with less than five percent Christians, so they have little chance of hearing the gospel of Christ.

India at number 1

India is at number 1 with 1.3 billion unreached people. There are also many unreached people in Pakistan (2), Bangladesh (4), Japan (6) and Iran (7). In Indonesia (3), China (5) and Nigeria (9) and Ethiopia (16) there are many Christians, but at the same time also many unreached groups, which also puts them on the list of countries with the least reached people.

“There is little chance that Afghans, Indians or Pakistanis will hear the gospel through a family member, neighbor or fellow townsman,” says director Marten Visser. “We just want to reach them with the gospel.”