Aisha (not her real name) belongs to the Mar Thoma church, which goes back to the evangelizing work of the apostle Thomas. She has just graduated from college and is eager to learn more about the Bible and following God in her life.

Aisha: ‘In 2019, my faith journey started with praying and fasting for the Holy Spirit. After experiencing physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit in my prayer closet, I understood my need for a strong-faith community and a godly mentor. Thus I prayed to God for sending me godly connections into my life. Then I received an invitation for Biblword courses via Facebook!’

Aisha then registers for a course from GlobalRize titled ‘Walk with Jesus’. This is a discipleship course of approximately six months, in which a student with a buddy follows the course. The student is assigned a mentor, and in Aisha’s case this is Elsa from the Netherlands. The student always first completes a lesson himself and then discusses it with his or her buddy.

Share with others

Elsa and Aisha discuss many topics together, including the problems she has in her home situation, how she can discover God’s will for her life, and the frightening prospect of an arranged marriage.

Aisha says, ‘GlobalRize means a lot to me because it provides valuable information for free. This has taught me to live a Christian life in a practical way. The in-depth contact with a mentor has helped me to become stronger in the faith because I don’t have many people in my area with whom I can discuss these topics. This helped me change my mindset and face rough pastures and covid times boldly. I prayed in 2019 for someone who wanted to guide me in my spiritual life and GlobalRize certainly played a role in this in 2020. Otherwise I would have felt lonely on my journey. The Lord answered my prayer and gave me godly connections in my life!’

Aisha also shares the course with others. For example, a friend of hers, from an orthodox Hindu family, has now completed two courses. Her sister is also taking a course.


This is very encouraging for Elsa to experience. She says: ‘As a mentor you sometimes feel that you are only planting small seeds, but this testimony shows that God can multiply the small. He can grow it and do great things with it!’

That’s why Elsa wants to share this story: to encourage us to persevere in faith and to keep sharing the gospel. The Lord hears!

Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash