There was a young Lao man who found out about one of our online Bible studies connected to the Lao Christian Facebook Page. By the time that he completed the online Bible lessons he told his mentor that he was interested in becoming a Christian.

The Lao mentor as well as everyone involved with the Lao Christian Facebook page is anonymous due to security concerns. He found out where in the country this man was and then sent him a phone number for a Christian Lao pastor in that area. The young man phoned the pastor and they met, the pastor led him to Jesus and he became part of that church.

Secret Joy

Sometime later that pastor was visiting upcountry. As the whole Lao Facebook team are anonymous the pastor did not know that he was visiting the home church where the mentor lived. The pastor as part of his sermon shared his amazing experience of how God was using the internet. He had got a phone call from a stranger telling him he has learned about Jesus on the internet and wanted to become a follower of Jesus. The pastor was so amazed that this man contacted him and wondered how he got his phone number. Of course, the pastor did not know that the mentor was in the congregation listening with a secret joy and prayer of thanks to God for what He is doing!


The mentor did not tell the pastor that they were the person to give the pastor’s contact phone number. To do so would mean they would no longer be anonymous. But it was special for God to arrange for the mentor to hear this testimony, as he would not have known otherwise what happened after he gave the pastor’s phone number to the young man doing the online Bible studies. Once the Bible study was completed the mentor had had no further contact with the young man.