Nepal is in the top 21 least reached countries with the Gospel. Many Nepalese work abroad, where they often feel lonely. Especially for them, the online ministry of the Nepalese GlobalRize team is a great blessing.

Our Nepalese team leader wrote to us: ‘The page has become a blessing to many people. Our post reaches many people and many people message us for prayer requests and thank us.

No Bible

Nepal is heavily dependent in foreign employment, many young men and women go out of the country to work in Gulf countries and even in India. They leave their family and stay away for many years. They are also the active viewers of our page. 

We received a message from one such man who had gone in search of work. He told us he was a young person who had left his family and gone to a Gulf country for employment. Right before he left for work, he accepted Jesus. Now he was in new land with no known church and no Bible. He could not return home because of Covid-19 and was very worried. 

Keep on moving

Then he found our page on facebook “Naya shristi”, and since he had no bible, the bible verses and videos we posted were of great help to him. The bible verses encouraged him and he grew in faith more. This helped him a lot and made him hopeful. He prayed and was in peace. He messaged us for prayer and thanked us for the bible verse. We were more than happy to pray for him. 

This incident has helped us to keep on moving and encouraged us to tell the Good News to even more people. There are many people like him who are far away from home in unknown land and listening to the word of God helps them stand strong in faith and know they are not alone, Jesus is with them.

Photo by tribesh kayastha on Unsplash

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