Mary from Papua New Guinea came to us by way of the chat. ‘I had a dream where I saw myself going back to the church where I used to go. But may I come back to God…?’

When our chat volunteer asked what she thought the dream might mean, she answered that God was asking her to give her life back to Him. She told that there was a church near her house that was like the one she grew up in, and her cousin had invited her to join him going there.

Yet Mary seemed to hesitate because of the sin in her life that she wrestled with. ‘But my soul is crying out to God.’ She asked if she could live close to God again if she repented and was baptized.

Wide Open Arms

There followed a two-hour long conversation. Our colleague asked her, ‘The Lord Jesus is waiting for you with arms wide open. Are you familiar with the parable of the Prodigal/Lost Son from Luke 15? He knows what you have been through. He is ready to forgive all of your sins and mistakes from the past, if you repent and are baptized. Do you want to do that?’ ‘Yes!’, said Mary, and after they had prayed together, Mary said, ‘I have just repented of my sins and I feel that I have removed something dark from my life! I have decided to go to church every week and register for the baptism class.’ Hallelujah!

Photo from Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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