A contagious variant of the Covid-19 virus is raging in poor Nepal, infecting thousands of people every day. Daniel*, our contact in Nepal, writes to us, “This situation really makes Christians in Nepal realize that God is our only Shelter and hope.” 

Despite the lockdown, corona is spreading at a speed that Nepal can barely handle. The new variant of the virus is more dangerous and contagious than the previous one. All the hospitals are completely full and people are laying down on hospital pavements because there are no beds for the patients. There is a shortage of oxygen, ambulances and other medical equipment. 

Young pastors died

Daniel: ‘Some people of our church have also been infected and a few of them are in very critical condition needing to be hospitalized. Many people that I know have been infected and needed to be taken to hospital. Many pastors including the first generation Nepali Christian leaders and believers lost their lives to the virus, and they were often young people. This Covid virus is attacking young people more than others.’

Sharing God’s Word and love

He continues: ‘By God’s grace we are still safe and no one in my family has shown any symptoms of corona. God gave us many opportunities to help others. We have again started to have virtual gatherings through Zoom and Saturday fellowship through live broadcast. Even in the middle of this we have not stopped sharing the word of God. The situation is difficult for all of us but we are continuing our work. We are reaching more and more people every day through our Facebook page.’ 

Daniel closes his email with the words:

‘Thank you for your support and keep remembering us and our mission to share God’s love to every Nepali in your prayers.’

Let’s do just that!


Photo by Kerensa Pickett on Unsplash


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