At GlobalRize two of our main goals are to share the Gospel in many languages, and to help people find their way to a local church. The Spanish team is a beautiful example of how we would like to see this happen. Arjan Vaders, their team leader, is a part of that and sees the Holy Spirit working in a wonderful way.

In 2012 Arjan posted the very first Spanish texts on our new Spanish language Facebook page, Palabras Bíblicas.  Now, nine years later, there is a mature team that can serve as an example to the other language teams. In particular the efforts of Moises, a mentor from Venezuela who lives in Chili, stand out.

Seeking a church

A year ago, Moises took on the responsibility for finding churches for people who asked for help.  At the end of the Bible Basics course, every student is asked, ‘Do you want to start going to church? Do you need help finding one?’ The students who want that, provide their email address and telephone number, and the mentor passes that on to Moises. He starts right away with searching for a church in their area. In the meantime, there is a message sent to the Spanish mentors’ WhatsApp group to pray that a church can successfully be found. Moises checks the directory of the Spanish language Baptist organization for the contact information of a pastor or church that is in the city or village nearest to the student. He doesn’t just pass on the student’s contact information, but personally calls both the pastor and the student and arranges a warm welcome. In this way, Moises has already matched 111 students with their new church! This man understands the importance of striking while the iron is hot, and doesn’t see it as something that is quickly done, but as a precious moment to help bring in the harvest.

Tears of amazement

Arjan heard all about this in a recent Zoom meeting with his Spanish team. Moises had invited three pastors and three students to take part in the meeting to share their testimonies. Arjan, ‘When you hear the testimonies, you know that this is the work of the Holy Spirit. I had tears of amazement in my eyes. God is so good. It is His work.’ He says about Moises, ‘Moises mentioned that GlobalRize is one big family to him, to which he includes those students and pastors. The pastors also felt it a privilege to be a part of the effort with us to create a warm welcome for the students.’


You can see the maturity of the Spanish team in every area: The faithful co-workers, team leaders who take on the responsibility for the Facebook page, the chat, and the guidance of the mentors. And in the over one million followers on the Facebook page. The Spanish website has over 900 articles about the Bible and faith, and offers twelve courses in Spanish. The team mostly reaches people from Latin America. There are very few followers or students from Spain, as of yet. It’s very special to be able to see God’s wonderful deeds through this team!

Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

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