At the end of our online Bible courses, we always ask our students what they have learned, how the contact with their mentor was, and if they have gained a new perspective on something. We regularly see some pearls among the answers – precious words that teach or encourage you as a mentor.

Many of the students who we guide, live in Africa. Their living situations are often much harder than our own. That makes it extra special to read these testimonies.

Faith building

Grace from Zimbabwe tells us that the course helped her a lot in building up her faith. ‘My prayer life gained more and more meaning and I trust more in God now than before. What has helped me most from the course is the assurance that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life – because of that I want to pray more and depend on Him.’

Trusting in God

June from South Africa is happy with her mentor:

‘Thanks a lot, that you have given me so much of your time and encouraged me. All the questions I asked you came from a desire to know more. You answered me, not just to please me, but with truth from the Bible. Most people are misled because they don’t trust in God’s Word. The course helped me to understand the Bible better from the beginning to the end.’

Jesus is powerful

Rose from Kenya had ovarian cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. ‘Anxiety and worrying are no longer a part of me. I’ve learned to totally trust in God, no matter what the circumstances are. It helps me to know that Jesus paid for our sins in full on the cross and took up our afflictions. I may call upon His mighty name and trust that he can do miracles.’


Mentor Esther shares: ‘It is enriching to be a mentor, first of all, because of what you are able to share with your students. I notice that the verses that I share with my students start to resonate in my own heart. And when I see the effect of the Bible verses on my life and the lives of my students, I often feel small. Usually, their situation is much more difficult than mine. It is amazing to see how big and great God is! How powerful His Word is!’

Photo by  Faris Mohammed  from Unsplash

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