India is one of the countries least reached by the gospel. That’s why your heart beats faster when you get a student from this immense country. This man progressed through the fifteen lessons of our basic bible course in record time, asking sensible questions along the way.

The course concludes with an evaluation. For example, you are asked, “Have your views of the Christian faith changed after completing this course? In what way?” And: “What has been most helpful for you in this course?” Then something special appeared: the student said that he was busy passing on the content of the course to others in two places in his environment – in both cases to a group of three people. His desire is to train these people to plant a church in their own place!

This is reminiscent of the principle that Paul passed on to Timothy:

“Transfer what you have heard in the presence of many of me to trustworthy people who are fit to teach others.” (2Tim 2:2)

Pray for this man! India desperately needs people like him, but it is a country where you run great risks if you are not a Hindu. Especially if through you people come to repentance in Jesus Christ.

Photo by MAKM PHOTOGRAPHY on Unsplash