Far from his parents, no money, no prospect of a better life. Pascoal from Mozambique had a hard time. One day he came across an advertisement for an online Bible basics course and decided to do it. As a mentor, he was assigned the Dutch Roelof, who was eager to share the gospel in the boring corona time (see ‘I can be a missionary again!’).

Pascoal was captivated by the course. He made the lessons at lightning speed, despite the fact that internet access was sometimes a problem. Question after question he fired at his mentor. ‘What caught my attention was knowing that Someone gave His life for my life, even though I didn’t deserve it,’ he says. ‘Everything I learned in the course was important, but that really stood out for me.’

What a privilege

The young man cannot possibly keep the good news to himself. Together with a friend he goes to the market and evangelizes there with song and dance. ‘My desire is that souls be saved en masse for Christ; that lives change and people become free from old, dark traditions and worldly ideas.’

Pascoal has also become a mentor himself. ‘The best thing about being a mentor is that I can pass on what I have learned. Through me many can learn about Christ. Wow! What a privilege.’

God provides

Meanwhile, it’s not easy for him. He gets no support from family. ‘My pastor supports me, but he’s poor himself, so that’s getting harder and harder,’ he says. In spite of everything, he trusts in the Lord: ‘God has provided for me; I believe He has always provided for my daily needs and continues to do so.’ Pascoal is studying theology. ‘You (the people of GlobalRize who are in contact with him, ed.) give me new hope and courage to continue.’

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