How do you get the Good News to people living within a country that restricts and persecutes followers of Jesus? One way is via Facebook! 

It is estimated that more than three million of the seven million people of Laos have a smartphone and most of them have a Facebook account that they use regularly. What a great opportunity to share Christ.

Challenge and joy

Some Christian business people in Laos along with some Lao followers of Jesus started a Christian Lao Facebook Page in 2017. They say, ‘It was an incredible challenge and also a joy to watch God bring together a team of both Lao and foreign followers of Jesus to set up and manage the Facebook page. Nearly 150,000 people follow the page.’ The team shares short, clear verses in Lao, such as: ‘The Bible Tells You How to Find True Happiness,’ ‘Jesus Made Everything,’ ‘Do You Want to Know How to Get to Heaven?’


The most important link in the chain is our moderators who respond to the comments on the page. These discussions unfold below the post, meaning many others can follow along and join the conversation.

This online operation makes it possible to make contact with people who would normally be out of reach. Also, people can share their questions and concerns via private messages. Many Laotian followers of Jesus are active on the page, even at the risk of costing them personally. It is mainly young men between the ages of 18-24 who visit the Facebook page.

Alone, scared and vulnerable

Sometimes the team can mean a lot to young Christians. They recall: ‘A young man privately messaged the page saying he was the only believer in his village. He was discouraged and felt alone, scared and vulnerable because the police had taken his Bible. The team sent him a private message encouraging him, letting him know they were praying for him, and explaining how to download a Lao Bible app to his phone.’ We previously shared the story of a Laotian mentor who was encouraged in a special way.


What is the greatest need among Christians in Laos? The team: ‘Discipling people who have just come to faith. The number of Christians in Laos has grown rapidly, but they often lack regular meetings with other Christians and discipleship. However, God is at work raising up men and women, especially young people, with a vision and passion to obey Jesus by discipling all nations, even across some of the many ethnical boundaries and languages ​​in Laos.’

Important chain

‘Of course our Facebook page is not the whole chain of someone who is ‘interested’ in deciding to follow Jesus and join a church, but it is an important link in the chain that leads one to faith,’ says the team. Glory to God! 

Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

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