‘How can I get rid of my gambling addiction?’, asks Sieiuol Gnaltah, a Filipino. He follows our Tagalog Facebook page (Tagalog is the largest language in the Philippines). People can ask for help for problems that they don’t know how to solve, and are ashamed of, through the chat on the page.

The volunteer who was chatting with him (Danilo), gave the advice, ‘God is your only hope if you want to change your life for the better!’ He also said, ‘If you want to be free, give your life over to God and humbly ask Him to forgive the sins you have committed. Trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then the Holy Spirit be with you and direct your life.’

In tears

The man who asked for help said that that he really would like to give his life to God. Danilo prayed with him to Jesus. ‘How do you feel now?’, he asked after they had prayed. ‘I am in tears’, tells Sieiuol. Afterward, Danilo told him more about the privilege of being a child of God. ‘I haven’t yet given Bible verses to Sieiuol, but I surely will, so that he can better understand what it means to be born again!’ he says.

Local church

Naturally, a man who is fighting an addiction to gambling needs more support for the long term. Sieiuol is led to a local church where he is surrounded by brothers and sisters. Danilo stays in chat contact with him. It is precious when a brother in Christ can encourage someone in their own mother tongue.

We hope and pray that Sieiuol continues to follow Jesus, free from his gambling addiction, and in the knowledge that he is a child of God.

Photo by Jaycee Mariano on Unsplash

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