Tasha from Zambia grew up in the world, without faith or a church. She wasn’t familiar with the Bible. She had heard of God, but she thought that He didn’t really exist. Everything changed three years ago, ‘I got the urge to search for God’.

‘During my search, I tried lots of different churches. The more I searched, the more problems I faced. Until one of my friends said she knew a man of God. Maybe she could arrange for him to come pray for me. Maybe it could help. He prayed for me and two days later I had a supernatural encounter with God. That day changed my whole life.’


‘Since then, I have been trying to read His word more and draw closer to Him. When an advertisement for your Bible courses appeared on my news feed, I clicked on it to see what it was about. That’s how I signed up, and I’m currently doing your Bible Basics course.’

Daily Devotionals

Tasha also received an invitation to sign up for the Daily Devotionals from GlobalRize. ‘I just had to sign up’, she tells. ‘It is an opportunity to learn more about our Lord and Saviour. And I’m glad I did! I’m really enjoying it!’

Photo: Tasha with her husband and son. 

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