Maria from Venezuela did the Spanish language BiblBasics Course. In her heart grew the desire to belong to the Body of Christ. But how could she find a good church?

GlobalRize’s slogan is ‘from screen to church’, so we love to see a student wanting to find a church. And we like to help! A look behind the scenes..

Personal contact

Maria told her mentor that she would like to go to church and wanted to be baptized. The mentor passed her wishes on to Moises, the man in the Spanish team who searches for churches for people who are interested. Moises went right to work for Maria. This man has an enormous network of contacts and he searches tirelessly for a church near an interested student. Spanish speakers live in many different countries, so he has quite a task.

Moises doesn’t just go looking for the address of a church in the area and pass that on to the student, saying ‘Go check this one out’. No, he personally contacts the pastor of the church and tells that he can expect a call soon from the one looking for a church.

Moises wrote Maria, ‘Dear Maria, May God richly bless you. You have indicated that you would like to go to a church and be baptized. I have contacted a pastor in your area in order to make this possible. His name is Rev. Mogollon- he lives right in your city and is expecting your call. He is ready to help you with everything that you need. I hope that you and your new life in Christ will be blessed by this.’


Maria sent him a joyful reply, ‘Good afternoon. I also wish you many blessings. Rev. Mollogon has already contacted me and I am welcome to come to the service on Sunday! If it is God’s will, I hope to be baptized later. I am so thankful for your efforts and the ministry of GlobalRize. God’s blessings, Brother Moises!’

Not much later we received photos of Maria who was baptized. ‘I give my life to the Lord’, she wrote. On one of the photos she is standing next to Rev. Mogollon.


There is joy in heaven for each sinner who repents, says Jesus in Luke 15:7. That is what brother Moises experiences when he has found a church home for a seeker. The Body of Christ is one person richer, the flock of the Good Shepherd has grown once again. Hallelujah!

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