Anita Harder from Germany wrestled with the decision if she should become a mentor for GlobalRize or not. What sort of group was that actually? Along the way, the answer became clear to her and since then she has already led dozens of students along their journey of faith. Surprisingly enough, it turned out that being a mentor was also a journey in faith for her…

Anita tells, ‘In December 2020 I was scrolling through Facebook. I saw a page that offered a Bible study in German. It was a holiday break, so I had more time, and I am enthusiastic about Bible study. Would it be really Biblical or a false teaching? I talked it over with my husband and he encouraged me to give it a try.’

Becoming a mentor

‘After I made my decision, I started on the first course. It wasn’t long before my mentor asked if I would join the German team of GlobalRize as a mentor. Apparently, she recognized the qualities necessary for a mentor in me.

At first, I shoved the question aside and went further with taking the first course. After I had finished the first course, I did a second course, as well. For that course I had a new mentor who also quickly contacted me to see if I wanted to be a mentor. With all my uncertainties, I took the mentor course, knowing that I was free to say “No” at the end.’

New challenge

It was a time of doubts and uncertainty for me. When the coordinator for the mentor course asked for my pastor’s  address in order to contact him, I had to make a decision. Of course, I didn’t want to take up my pastor’s time unnecessarily if I decided not to proceed in the end. He may be just as skeptical as I was.

Yet, it really seemed like something good to me, even though I am not so at home in the digital world and that is not where my strengths lie. I knew that this was new ground for me and would bring new challenges. And would I have the time for it? I kept asking God if it was what I should do and talking to my husband about it.’

‘I will help you!’

I realized early on that I needed to make this decision in accordance with God’s will. Then I received His answer clearly during a sermon, ‘How long will you keep doubting My omnipotence? My power is mighty in the weak. I will help you!’ So, I decided to do it. Later, when my pastor told me that he had written a reference for me for GlobalRize and encouraged me to do it, that was a confirmation for me.’

35 countries

‘I’ve been working as a mentor for the German team for about a year now. Up to this moment, I have had 71 students. Most of the German speaking students come from Germany, yet I have had students from Africa, South America, Asia and other parts of Europe. Some students are Christians and are familiar with the Bible to a certain extent. But others don’t have a Bible in book form, just on their mobile phone. With some students I have been able to form a strong virtual relationship and have even led someone to Christ.’

Deeper knowledge

‘Through this work, I have received many blessings. Sometimes I really have to dive into the Bible, study it, and prayerfully search for an answer to someone’s question. My knowledge of the Bible has deepened and I have talked about many points with my husband and others. The most beautiful thing is that the Bible gives so many answers and speaks for itself.’

God helps

‘You also need discipline for this work, and I experience God’s leading in special ways with that: when it is really busy with my work at school, then it is usually slower-paced at GlobalRize and the other way around, as well. God had promised me that He would help and He does. The technology has not been a problem, God made it possible. Glory to Him!’

Interesting and adventurous

‘When I was a child, I had the desire to do mission work. But God led my life in another direction. Today I do mission work in a way that I never would have thought of. Life with God is very interesting and adventurous! I am so thankful to God that I may do this work and that He counts me worthy to contribute to people getting to know Him and love Him.

Oh, how I love Jesus!’

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

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