Sylvia Le Comte, married to Dutchman Laurens, is the team leader of our Russian language team. Recently, they made a thousand-kilometer trip in order to encourage their team members. ‘It was a wonderful journey, through which we have become even more passionate about serving God,’ tells Sylvia.

‘The purpose of our trip was to strengthen the Russian language team by encouragement and together to experience the unity in Christ. At this moment our team has eight members. Five live in Almaty (the capital of Kazakhstan) and three live in southern Kazakhstan. Naturally, we have online contact with each other, but I knew that it would make a huge difference to meet each other face to face and that it was necessary for building a strong team.’

‘Lazy’ ministry

‘When my husband and I were introduced to GlobalRize’s ministry, Arjan Vaders, our team leader, said that it is a ‘lazy’ ministry: you can sit in your easy chair for a couple of hours a week, with a computer and a cup of coffee to do your work. So, I invited a couple of Christians to join in this work, repeating what Arjan had said. We quickly came to see just how ‘lazy’ this ministry is. We had to come together as a team to brainstorm how to answer people’s questions, especially those of Ukrainians. Almost every single day, we were discussing what is the best way to answer, to help and to pray in our What’s App group. All told, it took many hours. So, for me it was important to encourage these people so that we can continue to serve in this ministry with joy.’

‘We realized that our time to physically be together with the team members in South Kazakhstan was short, so every day we had fellowship, encouraging each other, praying and singing together until late at night.’


‘God’s plan is always bigger than ours. During the trip, we had a chance to meet other believers in the countryside, as well. These believers were persecuted by their family and neighbors because of their faith in Christ. Yet, they are still serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel there. We had wonderful fellowship with them, singing and praying together to God; feeling that we are in one body in Christ. I also shared with them about the ministry of GlobalRize and two of them are wanting to join it: one man for the Uzbek language team and his wife wants to join the Kazakhstan language team in the future.

I find these verses from Ephesians 2:21-22 to be a fitting ending to this travel report:

‘…in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.’’

Sylvia and Laurens show such dedication and love, to God, for their ministry, and to their team members.

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