We are thankful that we can bring the Good News of Jesus Christ online to South Africa. We would like to share a couple of responses from people we have reached there.

Edith is happy with her mentor from the Bible Basics course:

‘Tremendous thanks that you have spent so much time on me and kept encouraging me. All the questions that I asked came from a desire to know more. You didn’t answer me just saying what you thought I wanted to hear, but with truth from the Bible. Most people are led the wrong way because they don’t trust in the Word. The course helped me to understand the Bible better, from beginning to end.’

Sophia, regarding the Bible texts on the Afrikaans Facebook page: 

‘It is wonderful to experience the Word of God every day. And to be able to share this with everyone. His grace and love are so great.’


‘Thank you so much for every message. I work overseas on a cruise ship and the daily messages carry me through the day. Thank you for that.’

Pray for South Africa

Recently the country was plagued with floods. In the eastern province KwaZoeloe-Natal, hundreds of people died from the heavy rainfall and flooding. Pray for all of those who were affected. Pray that many will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, also.

Photo by Marc St on Unsplash

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