In Somalia it is very dangerous to be a Christian. Leaving the Islamic faith is seen as a betrayal of the community. That is why it is so special when we received a message from a Christian from Somalia, who is also actively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Three years ago, this man – we call him Hassan* – was given the desire by the Holy Spirit to start an online platform through which he could reach his countrymen with the gospel. He has over a thousand followers. Ten people, mostly young people, from different parts of the country came to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Better understanding of the Bible

Hassan writes: ‘Many Muslim youths need to understand and learn the word of God in a simple and clear way, mostly they don’t understand English. I receive messages from them almost every week.’

Two years ago, Hassan followed GlobalRize’s Bible Basics course. ‘I took the Bible Basics course two years ago. It helped me understand a lot about the Bible. I read the course more than a dozen times ever since,’ he says. He would like to translate the course into Somali so that his compatriots will also have access to it.


Open Doors writes about the situation of Christians in Somalia: ‘Even if [Christians] are not targeted by terrorist groups, they experience extreme oppression. If the Muslim family or community finds out that someone is a Christian, that person is harassed, threatened and pressured to return to Islam. Sometimes the mere suspicion of conversion leads to gruesome murder. Meeting other Christians is not possible.’

Christians are therefore in an extremely vulnerable position and are often alone. That is precisely why it is so exceptional that Hassan has the courage to be present online. It is special what he writes above his email to us: ‘Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord’. Pray for his safety; pray that many Somalis will go to him with questions and that many people will come to faith. Also pray that the persecution of Christians will end.

*not his real name

Photo from Ismail Salad Osman Hajji dirir on Unsplash

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