We are grateful for our Russian team, which is facing great challenges in this age of online limitations. Our people assist many Ukrainians who often have urgent, even poignant questions. 

These questions come from people who are in bomb shelters or from people who desperately ask for prayer.

Radomir from Ukraine asks via chat:

“I have a question, I’m confused. How is it possible that God is silent when thousands of Christians from many countries, including Ukraine, pray that the bloodshed in Ukraine will stop and that children will not die again? His will is good and perfect. If it is His will, then it contradicts love, if it is a punishment, why does it only affect Ukraine?”

“God does not seem to hear me”

Vitali asks:

I constantly pray, but God does not seem to hear me. I am waiting for an answer from him, but he is silent! My faith is fading away every day! I need him so much, but he doesn’t seem to need me!

Sylvia, our team leader, answers:

“On cloudy days there seems to be no sun at all. But whether we see the sun or not, it is always there, in the same place. Likewise, God is always there, even when we don’t notice His presence. I want to encourage you to take a Bible course. The Bible says at Isaiah 40:8: “The grass withers, the flower withers, but the Word of our God endures forever.” Let God’s Word fill your heart.”

It is good advice to do a Bible study. The personal guidance of a mentor is especially valuable. The words of one of our Russian students, Alexander from Russia, underline that:

“This online Bible course was very helpful to me. I have learned more about God. I found the personal guidance of my mentor and the questions she asked me most helpful.”


Our mentors and chatters need a lot of wisdom, love and empathy. For some, the latter is a challenge, because they live in areas where there is state propaganda and they hardly know of the horrors that take place during the war. In addition to our dedicated team members from the Russian team, we also need Christians from Ukraine themselves who can assist their compatriots with pastoral care. GlobalRize is now contacting Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands to ask if they would like to join a Ukrainian team.

Photo by Ahmed Zalabany on Unsplash

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