Some people seem to be especially hard hit by adversity. In January 2019, Dyane from Lima, Peru, suddenly lost her first daughter, Cathleya, who was six months old. In May 2021, her husband died from Covid-19.

Dyane is the mother of two young children, Cathleen and Bastian. Dyane also had Covid when her baby Bastian was born on April 24th. Bastian was totally isolated from her because they thought that he might also have Covid. Fortunately, that was not the case, and after 10 days she could bring him home and he was picked up by his grandmother.

Bullet to the spine

Despite her grief, Dyane kept trusting God and took up the responsibilities of her life again. She has a sewing atelier at home and provides income for her family this way. Then, once again, she was hit by hardship. At the end of August 2021, as she was delivering clothes to her clients around Lima, she was attacked in her car and shot. The bullet damaged her lung and is still lodged in her spine. Now she is paralyzed. Her condition became worse in the hospital.

Funds needed

Dyane urgently needed two operations to save her life, first for her lung and then for her spine. The family tried to find funds to pay for the operations. The Maria Auxilladora Hospital in San Juan de Miraflores only operates once the funds are paid. Our Spanish language team leader, Arjan Vaders, joined in trying to raise the needed funds, as well. Besides her financial needs, Dyane needed counseling and spiritual support.

What a blow and deep sadness. Why did God let this happen to her? Then, in April this year, Arjen had the chance to meet her because he was going to Lima for a conference. This would be the first time that he would get to meet many people with whom he has online contact for the work of GlobalRize.

Arjan found it a bit daunting to meet Dyane. How would she be when he sees her? Thankfully, Pastor Moises, who searches for churches for our students, would be there with them.

To be continued…

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