Besides on Facebook and Instagram, GlobalRize has started spreading the Gospel on Pinterest. “A good advantage to Pinterest is that posts don’t get pushed to the background with the passing of time, like they do on Facebook and Instagram. They stay current,” explains Gerdina Kort, who coordinates the project.

For a while now, there has been a link between Biblword (GlobalRize’s website with resources like articles about the Bible) and Pinterest, so if a new article is posted on the website, it shows up automatically on Pinterest as well. But for the older articles on the website that wasn’t possible.

Opinion forming

We’re pleased to have found an interested volunteer who posts these articles on Pinterest: Gerlinda. She has already placed hundreds of these articles. ‘It is a fantastic initiative. And it helps my own spiritual life,’ she says. ‘I often read the articles myself. What I read there helps me when forming an opinion about different things, so I can answer my son’s questions. I lead a prayer group. If someone has a question about a certain subject, I can find an article that addresses it. In this way, I can spread the Gospel in my own area.’

God has people in mind

Gerlinda wanted to be active in the Kingdom of God, but sought a manner that fit her situation. “I have a chronic condition. I have rheumatism in my shoulders and neck. So I prayed, ‘Lord, you know my limitations; I have some days where I don’t see a soul. How can I bring people in contact with you?’ This work is just right for me since I can do it by myself and at my own pace. This way I can make a contribution.” Gerlinda posts about fifty articles per week on Pinterest. “My prayer is that the people who God has in mind will see the articles. Sometimes you don’t know what the result of your work will be. It can start as a small ripple, but can become a wave that keeps growing.”

There are about 800 articles that need to be placed on Pinterest. Gerlinda has done around 300 already. ‘It would be really nice if a couple more people wanted to help with this project,’ she says.

Win-win situation

Gerlinda’s work is already bearing fruit. Gerdina Korf says, ‘Last month, we already reached 19,230 people with the old articles. 175 people have saved a pin or clicked on the link to the website.’ Besides articles, we’d also like to place our pictures with text. Fifty of these can be placed at the same time and we can place a link to the chat function. This way we can re-use the pictures with text that we have in the archives, which are normally just saved, but nothing else has happened with them. With the link to the chat, this is a win-win situation.’

Visual search engine

Right now, Pinterest has 478 million active users. Although it is often grouped together under social media channels, many users see it as a visual search engine to look for all sorts of ideas and inspiration. You can save the idea you find easily on a Pinterest board that you put together yourself. Every photo that is saved on Pinterest is called a ‘pin’. And every pin links to a website, blog, or webshop. A fantastic way to bring GlobalRize’s content to people’s attention!

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