There are many Laotians who follow our Facebook page in their language. Every day many of them give reactions to the posts. They include some gems.

One response was a 25 minute video message from a young man who had been saved and delivered from drugs and a life of crime. He kept on saying over and over how much he loved Jesus and how happy he was to be redeemed! It was a very enthusiastic video! 

Who is Jesus?

The team consists of two members who have faithfully served since 2017. They get many short questions about who Jesus is. These questioners are sent to our online course about the Life of Jesus. They can come there with all their questions and receive personal guidance from a mentor.

Great support

The Facebook page is also important to believers: they share that they are encouraged by what is posted there. For them, the personal contact with the makers of the page is very worthwhile. Recently, one of our mentors had contact with someone who asked for prayer for himself and his family. Would you pray with us that this contact and the many contacts we’ve had in the past, will contribute to people finding and following Jesus?

Young Laotians

We’ve written before about the many young Laotians who find the Facebook page. Especially in this land where freedom of religion is very limited, the online presentation of the Gospel is important and of value. Our hope and prayer is that this online ministry will strengthen the local churches.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

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