There have been many good things that have happened during the last decades in Brazil: within sixty years, the number of evangelical Christians grew from 2 million to 55 million. But there are still many people who have not been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The needs are great in the large cities: a third of the population in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo live in slums where crime knows no bounds. Seven million children are caught in child labor and 600,000 girls in prostitution. A number of churches and organizations offer help, but it is not nearly enough.

Amazon region

In the Amazon region, there are 36,000 groups of people without a church. It is extremely difficult to reach them, not only because they are in remote areas, but also because of centuries of oppression they have had to endure. The deforestation of the Amazon has had disastrous consequences for these people. A positive development is that the Bible is translated into some of the local languages. May Jesus, the Light of God, shine on this country and these people!

“It was wonderful to talk with my mentor!”

We are very thankful that our Portuguese language team can share the Gospel with many people. We receive reactions from students who tell us that they have gained a lot through the courses:


‘I already was a believer, but the Bible Basics course gave me a deeper insight into faith. I can see that my faith has grown. This course is an absolute must! The questions help you to think about many things that you might not usually consider. Everyone should get the chance to follow this course!’


‘The lessons were carefully explained, so they are good for beginners to understand. But in any case, it is interesting to learn more from the Bible. Thus, I would recommend following this course to everyone I know!’


‘This course was so important for my spiritual growth. I tell everyone that I got so much out of this course and it can help them, too. It was wonderful to talk to my mentor; she helped me to understand the lessons. She answered my questions and I know why God is the only salvation for my soul!’

Pray with us! Pray for the enormous need in this beautiful country!

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