GlobalRize endeavours to be a dependable and transparent organization for everyone who makes use of our services as well as for our donators, sponsors, partners and other interested parties. We value the careful consideration of comments, suggestions, complaints or concerns. Therefore, we handle such complaints according to the following procedure.



What we understand to be a ‘complaint’:

A (written or spoken) expression of dissatisfaction of a person or authority about the policy of our organization, a statement of our organization or an action or behaviour of our organization or of a specific employee, volunteer, board member or group from our organization.


Lodging a complaint

Complaints can be made:

1. Via the general email address: [email protected]

2. By telephone via +31 525 795 002

3. By post sent to Stichting GlobalRize, Elzenweg 1A, 8096 RV Oldebroek, the Netherlands

In order to handle the complaint, we need the following information:

Description of the complaint, how and when the problem happened;

Your first and last name, address, telephone number and email address;

Your relationship to GlobalRize.



When complaints are lodged by telephone, we try to give a direct answer. If that is not possible, we will note the contact information of the caller and within 5 work days will return the call. We will try to answer complaints that come in by email or postal mail within 5 work days of when they are received. If this is not possible, we will inform the complainant of our next steps by mail.

A complaint will be considered settled when GlobalRize has explicitly communicated that it considers the problem to be taken care of, and the complainant does not raise the issue again within 4 weeks of receiving this message.

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered, you can write an appeal and send it by post or email to the directorate, to the attention of Mr. Frans de Lange ([email protected]).


Registration and evaluation

Complaints that are received and the procedure used to handle them are registered and archived. These are stored for 5 years after received. The subject of complaints is included in the agenda of the annual board meeting for evaluation. We will carefully and confidentially handle your information.


Establishment and publication of Complaints Policy and Procedure

The Complaints Policy and Procedure is published on our website, and if requested, will be given. This policy and procedure was confirmed at the board meeting on 28 June, 2019