GlobalRize proclaims the Gospel via the internet. There are millions of people who are reached all over the world, every month. GlobalRize works both broadly, through messages on social media, and one-on-one, through e-courses.

Our vision

We see a world before us where via the internet, everyone:

  • Gets the chance to understand the Gospel.
  • Can hear about Jesus Christ in their own language and in a way that is culturally relevant to them.
  • Can find Biblical answers for the major questions in life.
  • Can be in contact with a Christian who wants to tell them more about God, with just a couple clicks of the mouse.
  • Can easily find their way from the screen to a church.
  • Can share their faith in a way that personally fits them.

Our Mission

We use the internet to share the Gospel world wide with everybody. 

Our core values

  • Evangelism: We are, as followers of Jesus Christ, moved by a world in need. People are only saved through Jesus, that is why we spread the Gospel.
  • Dedicated: We work ardently and selflessly for the spread of God’s Kingdom.
  • Inclusive: To every Christian we offer the opportunity to be an internet missionary. We believe that everyone has unique skills and talents and can participate in their own unique way. 
  •  Effective: We desire that through our work, as many lives as possible will be changed. We are goal-oriented. We measure, where possible, and only continue with the tools that are working.
  • Innovative: We want to excel in creative and professional use of the newest techniques.