A Quiet Time in 140 characters

It is December 2009. A beautiful blue sky is spread over the rice fields – the harvest has just been gathered in. In northeast Thailand, church planter Marten Visser sat thinking about how he should organize his quiet time. He decided to choose one verse out of the Bible chapter he was reading, and to say something short about it – using, at most, 140 characters, which was the standard for Twitter at the time. On December 11th at 5:20 p.m. Thai time, he sent his first Tweet.

In just a short period, he had thousands of followers and the idea came to use the internet to reach people with the Gospel. The name GlobalRize was born: Global, worldwide and Rize, due to the association with the rice fields and with rising to a new life.

Millions are reached

When Marten returned to the Netherlands in 2015, he involved more and more people in this mission. He worked from an office in his home and even though there were plenty of rooms in the house he was renting, it quickly became very cramped. The work moved to an office space in Oldebroek.

Frans de Lange, the mayor of Elburg, gave up his job in February 2017 in order to work with Marten. Together they lead a growing team and explore new possibilities to spread the Gospel. Millions of people are reached with the message of salvation through Jesus, unto the far corners of the world.

“The fields are white to harvest, but the workers are few.” Although there are now more than 500 people working for GlobalRize, there is room for many more!