Marten Visser
Marten VisserMissionary director
Marten Visser is missionary director at GlobalRize. He is an ordained minister of the PKN, the largest denomination in the Netherlands. Before founding GlobalRize, Marten has, among other things, worked as a church planter in Thailand and founded a missionary organisation serving refugees in the Netherlands. At GlobalRize Marten is concerned with innovation and international growth of our organization.
Frans de Lange
Frans de LangeOperational director
Frans de Lange is operational director at GlobalRize. Before joining GlobalRize, he was mayor of Elburg, a rural town in the Netherlands. His main responsibilities are facilitating the further growth of the organisation, PR, fundraising, and human resource management. He leads the office team and mentors some of the language team leaders.


Jaap van Harten
Jaap van HartenTeam leader English
Jaap van Harten leads our English language team. He has worked in pharmacy his whole career: first as a pharmacist and clinical pharmacologist, later in the pharmaceutical industry, in medical communication, academic publishing and in software development. He is responsible for all our activities in the English language.
Harry Raaphorst
Harry RaaphorstCoordinator e-courses
Harry Raaphorst is part of GlobalRize’s management team and coordinates our e-courses. His previous jobs include working for Open Doors and has been the CEO of several IT companies. At GlobalRize Harry supervises the English e-courses.
Marion Reijm
Marion ReijmChief mentor
Marion Reijm is head mentor of our BiblBasics course. She has previously worked as social worker and has years of experience in internet evangelism. She takes care of training and mentoring our volunteer e-coaches.
Rob van Lummel
Rob van LummelChief video
Rob van Lummel’s working experience includes working as a project manager radio and television at EO, the Dutch evangelical broadcasting association, and working for missionary organisation OM. In addition to working for GlobalRize he is at the moment involved in a project concerning the housing of elderly people.
Christine Gijsbertsen-Rip
Christine Gijsbertsen-RipFacebook page administrator
Christine coordinates our team of people liking Facebook comments. She also provides text for the slides shared on our social media pages.
Marijke Reedijk
Marijke ReedijkTeam leader graphic designers
Marijke Reedijk leads our team of graphic designers. The team is responsible for producing new visual content for our English and our Dutch pages on Facebook and Instagram. Marijke is also responsible for all our printed  promotional material.
Catharinus Doornbos
Catharinus DoornbosChat team leader
Catharinus Doornbos works in education and as a freelance consultant on IT in education. At GlobalRize Catherinus leads our live chat team that answers incoming questions from all over the world.
Gerdina Korf
Gerdina KorfTeam leader She Rises
Gerdina Korf leads the She Rises team. The teams aims to encourage and motivate women all over the world to trust and seek Jesus in every situation in their life. In order to achieve this, She Rises uses social media, blogs, videos and bible courses.
Aline Westendorp
Aline WestendorpAdministrator Biblword on Instagram
Aline is the curator of our Instagram page “insta_biblword”.
Karel Remmelink
Karel RemmelinkE-coach
As a retired consultant Karel has a lot of experience with coaching and consultancy. Combined with 50 years of experience in both pastoral work and Christian education, this makes him a very well-prepared e-coach. Karel has coached over a thousand students in his life.
Grietje Commelin
Grietje CommelinChief editor
Grietje studied theology and mastered in Bible Translation. Next to being a mother, she supports GlobalRize by writing bible reflections and other content for GlobalRize.

IT and marketing

Jos van der Maas
Jos van der MaasCTO / lead software developer
Jos van der Maas is one of our software developers. He has a degree in Maths and has previously co-owned an IT company. At GlobalRize he is chief technology officer and developer of, our e-courses platform.


Jelle Kaptijn
Jelle KaptijnOnline marketing
Jelle Kaptijn is our online marketeer. He is responsible for optimising our websites and social media pages. Before working at GlobalRize, Jelle has worked at several commercial webshops.


Harry Fikse
Harry FikseHead communication and fundraising
Harry Fikse has a qualification in fundraising and is an accredited fundraiser. In addition to working for GlobalRize he also raises funds for a different Dutch missionary organisation.
Diederik Koops
Diederik KoopsOffice manager
With his logistics management degree, Diederik Koops is our office manager. He is responsible for maintaining our financial records, managing our customer relations, co-organizing events, and leading our back office team.
Gerlinde van de Poll
Gerlinde van de PollOperational management
After studying Facility Management, Gerlinde van de Poll worked for a large health care institution. Now, at GlobalRize, she is responsible for human resources management, secretariat, administration and accomodation, in addition to making reports and working on projects.
Elly Moorlag
Elly MoorlagSecretary
Elly Moorlag is our secretary. She has a lot of experience in membership administration for churches. At GlobalRize Elly is responsible for scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and necessities and organizing events.

Language teams

Willem van Dis
Willem van DisLanguage teams supervisor
Willem van Dis has experience working as a missionary in Nepal and Cambodia. He has also been CEO of OMF Nederland, the Dutch division of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. At GlobalRize Willem coaches several language team leaders in Asia.
Alida Wallenburg
Alida WallenburgTeam leader Afrikaans
Alida Wallenburg was born and raised in Namibia and moved to The Netherlands when she married her husband. Alida studied biology. At GlobalRize she is team leader Afrikaans
Andy Game
Andy GameTeam leader Japanese
Andy Game leads our Japanese language team. As founder of Media7, a christian media company in Japan, he has a lot of experience in using different media to spread the Gospel in japan.
Arjan Vaders
Arjan VadersTeam leader Spanish
Arjan Vaders leads our Spanish language team. He has experience working as a missionary in Peru. Arjan uses his expertise to serve God, not only at GlobalRize but also at his home church and at another Dutch missionary organisation.
Richard Cho
Richard ChoTeam leader Thai
Richard Cho leads our Thai language team. In addition to working for GlobalRize he is District Leader North-Thailand at OMF Thailand, he leads their Internet Missionary and Digital Media department and he is involved in church planting and bible education in Thailand.
AnonymousTeam leader Arabic
Our anonymous team leader Arabic has decades of experience in media and church work in the Arab world.
AnonymousTeam leader Bengali
Our team leader Bengali worked for several years in Bangladesh. For his internet ministry he uses his network that he built up in Bangladesh.
Yohanes Manes
Yohanes ManesTeam leader Indonesian
AnonymousTeam leader Laotian
The Laotian team is led by an anonymous GlobalRize worker.
Roger Ndri
Roger NdriTeam leader French
AnonymousTeam leader Kurdish
The Kurdish language team is lead by the Home for Kurds Foundation.
Alfa Wijnveen
Alfa WijnveenTeam leader Portuguese
Alfa Wijnveen was born in Angola and raised in Portugal where she started teaching languages and literature. She has been involved in several local and national missions and out reach ministries, mostly in the areas of children and youth education. Married to a Dutch man, she is now living in the Netherlands where she serves in a local PKN church in the prayer ministry for missions.


Gerard van der Velde
Gerard van der VeldeAmbassador
Gerard is one of our ambassadors. It is his joy to serve in God’s Kingdom by helping to spread the Gospel en reaching people. Gerard is member of several local club boards and church committees.
Elise de Koning
Elise de KoningAmbassador
Elise is one of our ambassadors. She wants to introduce people from all over the world to the work of GlobalRize. She is dedicated to expanding an involved supporters base. Elise raises funds to support online ministry. In her daily life she works as a marketing coordinator and account manager. Elise sees the world as her target group and her Heavenly Father as the Strength she needs to reach that target group.
Gert Jan Messelink
Gert Jan MesselinkAmbassador
Gert Jan is one of our ambassadors, as well as one of our e-coaches. The last years of his career he worked at several technology companies as deputy director. He also has a wide experience in club boards and church committees.