GlobalRize offers a variety of courses to get an introduction to Christianity or to grow in faith. Our course with the largest amount of students is named BiblBasics. 

BiblBasics is a course of 15 lessons. It takes the student through the Bible from creation to the life of Christ. The course is a thorough introduction to the Christian faith. But it also helps young believers to get a good grasp of the overall message of the Bible. Every month more than thousand new students enroll in the course. Every student who sends in answers gets an e-coach who will correspond with him about the lessons and any questions the student may have. In this way personal relationships are being developed. We try to provide follow-up through local churches for students who come to the Lord through the course.

Besides the BiblBasics course, GlobalRize has other courses, such as The Life of Jesus which is based on The Jesus film. To see all the courses, go to our platform Learnnn.

GlobalRize developed a software solution that allows us to offer various courses in many different languages. Therefore we expect that the number of courses that we offer will grow significantly in the next few years.

At the moment, we are looking for e-coaches who are willing to coach and guide participants of Biblbasics. Find out more

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