GlobalRize places Bible reading plans on YouVersion. These reading plans complement the Bible courses that we offer. 

YouVersion is a Bible app that helps you to read the Bible daily.  The Bible is available in 1372 different languages on the app.  Many of the languages also have Bible reading plans.  This app has already been downloaded to more than 430 million devices.

Many of the people who follow our courses or come to our chatroom have not yet installed the app.  It is a valuable resource for us to freely make the Word of God available to our students, to stimulate regular Bible reading.  We want to give them access to the Bible in their own language and to several meaningful reading plans.  The Bible app and the reading plans encourage the user to grow in the Christian disciplines of reading the Bible and applying it to their daily life.  The app gives access to many translations (also offline) and the possibility to read together and share notes with someone else or in a group.

Overview of our Bible reading plans

These are the Bible reading plans we have written so far:  



She Rises:

As of now, more than 40,959 people have finished reading one of our plans. Join them today and subscribe!