GlobalRize spreads the Gospel through the internet. Tens of millions of people from all over the world are reached every month. GlobalRize works on a broad scale via social media, digs deeper through its websites, and gets personal through the e-courses and the chat function.

Hundreds of conversations

Biblword, GlobalRize’s English Facebook page, has more than 4,600,000 followers. Besides that, we are to be found on Instagram and Twitter, also in other languages. A team of volunteers places messages and talk with people who send a chat message via Messenger. Everyday hundreds of personal conversations take place.

Chatbot Solomon

People can also come to us via the chatbot Solomon. Solomon tries to answer questions such as: How can I live a meaningful life? What is love? Does God Exist? Why is the sky blue? GlobalRize advertises with Solomon to make sure people can find us when they have life questions. The chatbot also offers the possibility of personal contact. Anyone who indicates this will receive an answer from someone from the chat team. Sometimes beautiful conversations arise.

Get involved!

We could really use your help in administering the pages or chatting with people. Also, if you speak another language than English!