GlobalRize spreads the Gospel in an increasing number of languages. We are active in many languages on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In most of them, we also offer several courses about the Bible and the Christian faith, such as BiblBasics (an introductory course about Christianity) where each student is assigned a mentor to guide them through the course. Also, there are many helpful articles covering various topics about the Christian faith that are available in different languages.

Below you can see which languages we are active in, and how. If you click on the link, it will take you to the activity in the language that is named. For example, if you go to English in the Facebook column, and click, it will take you directly to the English language Facebook page, which is called Biblword.
AlbanianKursi themelor i Biblës
Jeta e Jezusit
ArabicKenz ElkalimaThe door of forgiveness
The Life of Jesus
BengaliFor safety reasons no links
She Rises Dutch
Het leven van Jezus
De Bijbel Door 1-5
BijbelBasis (She Rises Dutch)
Het leven van Jezus (She Rises Dutch)
Bijbellezen in context
Eeuwig leven
Het lijden van Job
Het Onze Vader
The Life of Jesus
Read Scripture 1-5
BiblBasics (She Rises)
Jesus Film (She Rises)
Farsi (Persian)For safety reasons no links
FinnishSanoja Raamatusta
FrenchParoles de la BibleBiblBasics
GermanBibelworteBibel Basics
Leben von Jesus
Hindiबाइबल वचन
IndonesianFor safety reasons no links
KinyarwandaMenya Bibiliya
LaoNamthip ThavoneBiblBasics
NepaliFor safety reasons no links
PolishSłowo z BibliiSlowo z Biblii
PortuguesePalavra BíblicaBaseBiblica
A Vida de Jesus
Palavra Bíblica
RomanianCuvânt BiblicViața lui Isus Cuvâ
SpanishPalabras Bíblicas
Confía en Dios
insta_palabrasbiblicasCimientos Bíblicos
La película de Jesús
Decision seguir a Cristo
Lee la Biblia 1-5
“Hechos que consuelan” Primera parte: La miseria del hombre (1-3)
SwahiliNeno la UzimaKozi zilizopo
Maisha ya Yesu
TagalogSalita sa Bibliya
Teluguబైబిల్ వర్డ్BiblBasics
The Life of Jesus
TurkishTanrı’nın sözleri
UrduFor safety reasons no links

Activities in cooperation with other organizations:

IndonesianTransworld Radio IndonesiaKatakata Alkitab
JapaneseOMF JapanSeisho no Kotoba
KurdishHome for KurdsHope for Kurds
ThaiOMF Thailand PrakhampeeBiblBasicsPrakhampee
UzbekPeople InternationalИнжил ўқиймиз – Injil o’qiymizinjiloqiymiz