Learnnn.com is the platform to follow a course; or to offer a new one

There are countless courses about the Christian faith on the internet. GlobalRize has extensive experience in developing, offering, and promoting such courses. In addition, a unique method has been developed to mentor students online. Since April 2018, the software to do this has been made available to the global church free of charge.

Learnnn.com is a platform for churches, Christian organizations, and individuals to offer Christian courses. The technology that GlobalRize has used for this is available to use free of charge. Both courses with multiple choice questions that are automatically checked and courses in which the students receive a personal mentor may be built. Both video and text courses are possible. Because of the user-friendly design, anyone at Learnnn.com can set up his own internet school with a few clicks, create courses and invite students.

Local churches also have the unique opportunity to clone existing GlobalRize Bible courses under their own name. These courses can be offered in a customized setting where the students can be led by mentors from their own church.

Go to learnnn.com to enroll in a course or to design your own.